Course curriculum

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  • 02
    Decide What's Important. Your MIT's
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    • INTRO: Building Your MIT's
    • Building Your MIT's and Deciding What's Important
  • 03
    Curating Your Day. Your Three Big Tasks.
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    • INTRO: If you're going to do things. Make sure they're the big things.
    • Be More Productive By Doing Less. Not More.
  • 04
    Finding Balance in Chaos
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    • INTRO: Finding Balance
    • 30 Every Day Things To Stay Balanced
  • 05
    Merging Your System with Best Practice
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    • INTRO: Don't change. Adapt.
    • Merging Your System With Best Practice
  • 06
    Daily Habits That Really Make a Difference
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    • INTRO: Building Habits that Impact Your Day.
    • 30 Great Habits to Consider Building.
  • 07
    Turning Your Planning Into a Habit
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    • INTRO: Build Your Planner Habit
    • Make Planning a Daily Habit. Here's How.
    • Video: Building Your Planner Habit
  • 08
    Upgrade Your Daily Planning
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    • INTRO: Upgrade Your Daily Planning
    • Here's How to Get the Most Out of Your Daily Planning
  • 09
    The One Percenters. Small Things That Make a Great Day.
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    • INTRO: The One Percenters
    • Physical. Mental. Emotional. Small Things That Help You Have a Great Day
  • 10
    Recharge. Every Day.
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    • INTRO: Recharging is the Key to Performance
    • Recharging is Often the Key to Performance
    • 10 Ways to Recharge Every Single Day
  • 11
    Use Your Habit Tracker
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    • INTRO: Your Habit Tracker
    • Using the Habit Tracker Effectively. Don't Skip It.
  • 12
    Focus Bootcamp Wrap Up
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    • That's a Wrap!!